Amsoil Synthetic Oil

AMSOIL was founded in 1972 and was the first organization to produce and market synthetic motor oil in the United States. Synthetic oil uses chemical compounds instead of crude oil as the main component. AMSOIL synthetic oil is one of the best synthetic oils available in the market today – they increase engine life and need to be changed only once a year or every twenty five thousand miles or more!

AMSOIL products include diesel engine oil, gasoline engine oil, 2 cycle oil, 4 stroke oil, racing oil, greases, gear lube, and many more. Synthetic oil is really extremely efficient and is thus used in jet engines. They reduce friction to quite an extent, provide excellent lubrication without chemical breakdown like while using petroleum and are highly dependable in extreme temperatures. This is the reason this technology was a breakthrough in automobile science.
Crude oil is more polluting than synthetic oil which is another reason why this product is preferred. Cars and automobiles are one of the main causes of global warming and air pollution. If a motor oil can reduce the heat and waste and also preserve your machine for years the only logical thing to do is switch to it.

AMSOIL was among the first to introduce this technology and over the years they have been advancing the technology, introducing a number of products that include new range of racer products. They market their products online or through AMSOIL dealers. Anyone interested in doing business can be a dealer, and the company provides complete business and technical support. Being an AMSOIL dealer is a sound investment as the name of the company itself is a good foundation on which to start building your own business. Once a dealer, all products are available at dealer rates while shopping online.

Shipping facilities are available for online customers, or you could go to your nearest dealer and switch to the oil that is best for your car, bike or any other vehicle or equipment that needs lubrication. The toll free number provided on the website can be used to contact the staff to discuss which product would best suit your needs. Synthetic oil is not only eco-friendly and long lasting, but it is also economical and helps you to save on maintenance costs as well.
AMSOIL synthetic oil has been tested and is proven to be the best synthetic oil for all types of engines.

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Synthetic oil outperforms Mobil 1 and all other AMSOIL synthetic oil and conventional oils. See the results and learn the facts.

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The grand prize of the Sienas “Tesla Giveaway”, a Tesla Model S 6000, will be on public display on the Sienas casino floor.

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